We claim Livinguard® technology is self-disinfecting! And that it can destory even SARS-CoV-2! But how does it work?

Disinfection is a process that eliminates many or all pathogenic organisms, especially bacteria, viruses and fungi.

A bacterium is a relatively complex, single-celled creatures, many with a rigid wall and a thin rubbery membrane surrounding the fluid inside the cell. They can produce on their own and survive in different environment, incl. extreme heat and cold, radioactive wast and the human body.

A virus is much smaller. The largest virus is smaller than the smallest bacteria! All they have is a protein coat and a core of genetic material. Unlike bacteria, viruses can’t survive without a host! They can only reproduce by attaching themselves to cells. In most cases they reprogram the cells to make new viruses until the cell burst and dies. Also, unlike bacteria, most viruses do cause disease. As we’ve learned from COVID-19, they’re quite specified about the cells they attache to, i.e. cells in the respiratory system.

Ways we usually fight bacteria and viruses

Sterilisation and disinfection are the two commonly used methods to kill or inhibit the growth of microbes to avoid their undesirable consequences. Usually, the sterilisation process is done by physical agents such as heat, steam or radiation.

Disinfection normally uses chemical agents that destroy pathogenic microorganisms. That way it reduces the number of microbes to a minimal level so that it’s no longer harmful. But disinfection destroys only vegetative cells, not the spores, a stripped-down, dormant form to which the bacterium can reduce itself, to wait for more favourable conditions to reactivate. 

Normal face masks offer levels of filtration, e.g. a barrier to protect against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
But they certainly don’t kill them and so they continue to be a threat to our health.

Our 5log masks are totally different. They are made with a revolutionary new technology invented by Livinguard® in Switzerland.

We use Livinguard® treated textile material that has positively charged compounds embedded on their surface. To be precise, there are ~24 billion charges per square centimetre. This is like a magnet for viruses and bacteria. The Livinguard treatment provides a positive “magnet” for the negative viruses and bacteria. These positive charges attract microbes and result in the disruption of their cell walls, leading to the inactivation and disintegration of the microorganisms.

Once the microbes are destroyed, they fall off or can be washed off with cold water. The space they occupied on the material opens up and the charges they attached to are freed. Deactivation begins immediately on contact, but under extreme laboratory conditions, i.e a very high virus load, it takes up to 2 hours for 99.9% of all microbes to be destroyed.

Disclaimer: This mask does not guarantee the prevention of any infection.